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What is Considered to Be a Personal Injury?

The term personal injury refers to an area of law that allows you to get a legal solution to all losses suffered as a result of accidents or any other incident caused by a person intentionally injuring you.

When you are involved in an accident which has been caused by the negligence of another person it’s good to contact a personal lawyer immediately. A personal injury lawyer will represent you, and file a lawsuit against the party which is responsible for causing the accident. He/She will represent you in legal matters during the healing process and will ensure in the end you will receive the desired compensation package.

personal injusy law

Persons who suffer very serious injuries may take a lot of time prior to resuming to their fields of work. The injury affects the nature of a person’s life because one may not be capable of doing various tasks they used to perform before the accident occurred. Depending on the extent of the injury some individuals may not be capable of returning to their jobs, while others would have to take a low paying job since they are not capable of performing the tasks they used to do in their fields of specialization. Many people think that catastrophic is only linked to physical injuries only which is not true, Extreme brain injuries like loss of mental abilities are classified as catastrophic.

A personal injury case is often referred to as a civil action which means that when an individual or a business is found liable for causing your injuries, the injuries are viewed as damages and the offender is required to compensate you in terms of money for the damaged caused. This is comparable to the criminal liability where the accused person if found guilty will be subjected to various sanctions like fines, imprisonment and may also be tasked with providing various community services if he/she is convicted and prosecuted.

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Most of the personal injury cases are addressed by the law of negligence, which outlines the extent of care that is owed from one individual to another in a given circumstance, as well as the forms of conduct which would be seen as a violation of the legal duty agreed upon resulting to liability for the injury suffered.

For instance, when a driver is behind the wheel, he/she has a legal duty to operate his/her vehicle in a reasonable way and take the necessary caution, which includes adhering to traffic rules. In a scenario where the driver sees a stop sign strikes another vehicle, the driver will be considered negligent, and therefore responsible for all injuries which resulted from the vehicle accident.

personal injusy lawsuit

Personal injury is broad as it also includes cases where an individual is injured by a faulty product, and in those scenarios, it is not necessarily important to classify them as carelessness or negligence. Injuries caused by defective products are governed by strict liability legal concept. And in situations where a person injures another one intentionally, a personal injury claim can be raised as an intentional tort case.