How Much Should I Pay a Teenage Tutor?

In general, the rate for tutors varies from one to another, subject-wise location-wise, target audience and hourly rates. These factors are taken into consideration before finalising the rate for a tutor. The main factors taken into consideration for the fee to a tutor is the level of education and the experience level of a tutor. Also, for example, people tutoring in Sydney, where Mathematics and science tutors get higher salaries when compared to other tutors, usually rate their services higher.


In many countries, the charge for the tutor is not fixed because of the above-mentioned factors and hence the tutor needs to search the perfect base for his salary. In general, the high school tutors are paid between $10 to $15 per hour per student sometimes. Also, the same tutor is given a higher salary if he teaches a group of students per hour. Most of the teenage tutors have predetermined coaching rates for their students and this applies to Sydney tutors. The salary for the tutors also dependent upon how the applicant persuades the owner who pays salary and in case the payee is satisfied with the teenage tutor’s demand then he will get a high salary.

Subject Factor

Subject wise tutors’ salary varies in all countries. The higher level of salary is paid to the tutors who educate students who have difficulty in studying particular subjects. High demand is always there for the tutors who are specialised in computer and mathematics. The teenage tutors who have skills in these subjects are given a high salary than any other tutors in Sydney.

Location Factor

The tutor rates differ from city to urban population, where urban students need to pay more amount than rural students who pay less than urban students. This is a fixed rule because the economic status of the rural population is average when compared to the urban population. Hence, teenage tutors accept this universal rule and been paid accordingly. Overall, the teenage tutors in Sydney accept rural students who have basic skills to win the competition. In some countries, the teenage tutors are paid as per market standards existing in their area. In other words, the salary is fixed for the tutors even though they possess extra skills and qualifications.

The tutor’s rate also depends upon the students’ success in getting pass percentage in the public examination. In case the pass percentage and grades are higher for a private teenage tutor in a year, then he will have great demand among the public and accordingly he will be paid. Hence, most of the teenage tutors concentrate more on making students get pass marks in the examination by rigorous practice.

Considering the above facts and conditions, the payment for the teenage tutors vary widely. However, skilled tutors get what they deserve at one period from the public and school. Many tutors are earning enormous bucks by teaching students to their expectations.